Sunday, December 18, 2011

Falling Fruit and More Spontaneous Human Combustion

Apples fall from the sky over Coventry

Mysterious Man Bursts Into Flames At Swedish Train Station

Just a couple of weird news stories for you this week. As the Holiday Season ramps up I'll have less time to work on this blog so it may be 2012 before I can post an update. I wish you all good will into the new year and hopefully 2012 will bring good fortune for us all!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ghost Hunting Apps

I recently downloaded a "ghost detector" application for my Android phone. I had previously heard of these apps and didn't really think much of them but I downloaded one of the many free ones out of curiosity. After looking into how they work and playing with this one for a little while I've decided that it's probably not a reliable tool for paranormal investigation but it is something to get you thinking and hopefully doing.

The particular app that I downloaded has three features. One is a "ghost radar" that uses an algorithm to process faint sensory data and then tells you where spirits may be around you on a classic radar screen, the ghosts represented as white dots. I've noticed that this feature seems to really love background noise and that seems to be the main way it establishes where spirits may be from my observations. I can't say for certain that it doesn't detect ghosts, just that it seems like it would give a lot of false positives.

This app also has an EMF detector. It utilizes the phone's built-in magnetometer to detect fluctuations in the electromagnetic field around the phone. This functions as a basic metal detector as well as a gauge of EMF levels (and indeed metal detector apps also detect changes in EMF). This may be the coolest part of the whole app in my opinion but I found the readout to be really basic. It will only tell you on an arbitrary scale of one to ten how high the activity is. I much prefer a metal detector app I have that gives you the readout in microteslas with a graph of activity over time. That said, the ghost detector app got me interested in experimenting with EMF and paranormal phenomena.

The third and final feature the app offers is an "EVP" mode which appears to show you random words based on some mysterious algorithm. I think it's supposed to function like a K2 meter but I'm not sure. I'm thinking that it just processes subtle auditory data and then churns out something but I don't really know. I've not played around with this feature very much.

All of this from an app that didn't cost me a thing. Keeping this in mind I would encourage anyone interested to try one of these free ghost detecting apps out if they have the interest. Aside from the novelty factor it's got me wondering about what would happen if an EMF detector was set up during an evocation, or the "ghost radar" for that matter. I also wonder if the EMF detector could be influenced by psychic phenomena such as psychokinesis or could be used to test the claims of SLIders. I mostly just want to see if there really is any correlation between EMF disturbances and the paranormal.

Feel free to comment about your own experiences with these types of apps and how you feel about them in general. I'm thinking that some of the apps that cost money probably have more features of better quality but the free ones are all I'm willing to work with at the moment. Happy hunting!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Has the Voynich Manuscript finally been cracked?

Mysterious Manuscript's Code Has Been Cracked, 'Prophet of God' Claims

I find the Voynich Manuscript to be fascinating. It sends the imagination running wild with possibilities of what it says and who wrote it. Now a self-proclaimed "Prophet of God" claims to have deciphered the manuscript. If you don't really know what the Voynich Manuscript is then take a look at this article on Wikipedia.

I have this hope that the Voynich Manuscript contains arcane knowledge from the distant past but I acknowledge that is wishful thinking. Without being able to read the manuscript it appears to be a book on herbalism. However, it seems that most of the plants that are illustrated do not match known species. This leads me to think that maybe the book has a deeper, more intuitive meaning. The "prophet" claiming to have deciphered the text seems to have a similar idea, claiming that the language is a channeled language.

The ultimate test for this translation will probably be whether the information can be corroborated in some way. It would be especially interesting if an eventual computerized translation ended up saying the same thing as this translation by a "Prophet of God". My own views on the Voynich Manuscript as of this time are that the book may be some kind of allegory pointing toward deeper occult truths. I have no real evidence to support this view, only the knowledge that the plants shown don't seem to match known species of plants and the language used (if a language at all) has withstood all attempts to decipher it in any objective kind of way.