Monday, May 6, 2013

Consensual Reality and Psychokinetic Safeguards

The notion of consensual reality is popular in some metaphysical and philosophical circles. The basic idea is that reality is the product of the consensus of the minds experiencing it. Inertia and gravity are things that most people will agree about the existence of. If you put something down it will stay there until something moves it. Gravity constantly pulls things down. These are pretty basic truths. The question that consensual reality brings up is "Do gravity and inertia work because we believe they do?" An even deeper question is "Are gravity and inertia so inescapable simply because we believe they are?"

I'm not trying to touch too deeply on consensual reality but it brings me around to psychokinesis and other paranormal events that could be the product of psychokinetic processes. Are psychokinetic feats so difficult because we've been conditioned all our lives to believe that they should be? Does the consensus have anything to do with this? I bring all of this up because in my own PK experiments with moving objects I've noticed that once I make a little progress in making something move it suddenly gains a mind of its own and fights me. Pinwheels that will rotate one way suddenly decide to do the opposite of what I will them to do when I decide I want them to spin clockwise instead of counterclockwise. They will just stop dead or wobble or move in little half-rotations back and forth like they can't decide what to do.

Psychokinesis is no easy feat but manifesting small effects is not as difficult as one would think. I feel that this may be because one eventually thinks it's not that difficult. You come up with a neat visualization or get really psyched up and you make it budge a little. That little budge makes you believe enough until you're making the pinwheel do rotations. Eventually you can make it move under glass and that erases all the doubts that it could just be a draft or the heat of your hands. Then the question becomes "Where do I go from here?" and it usually leads to trying to move bigger stuff that has more inertia and more friction acting on it. This is where I usually hit my roadblock and get bored.

Back to consensual reality. Is the shared believe that heavy things should be hard to move what stops us from being able to do it? Can we overcome this sort of passive shared belief with an active personal one? That seems to be the mechanism at work with PK acting on a pinwheel. It is an act of sheer will in the face of everything we've been taught to believe about reality that takes us over that first hurdle. Perhaps that pinwheel enters our personal sphere of reality enough for us to be able to manipulate it free of the constraints of the consensus. Maybe our continued attention, intention, and interest pulls that pinwheel into our sway and away from the collective sway of other minds saying it should sit still no matter how hard we stare at it. Could we overcome bigger obstacles with more time and effort? If you kept pushing this notion of personal reality could you eventually do more?

Maybe impressive psychokinesis is hard on purpose. Maybe consensual reality is a safeguard for all reality. I mentioned earlier that even after I succeed in making the pinwheel move, at a certain point it rebels against me. It moves but with a seeming mind of its own. Maybe it's trying to get back into that consensual equilibrium. If our minds are so powerful that they contribute to the rules of reality then maybe reality needs a safeguard. If everyone could manipulate matter however they wanted with just their thoughts then imagine what kind of chaos there would be. Or what if just thinking something caused it to happen with no intent on your part? You have a fleeting image of someone being pushed down the stairs and then they go tumbling. What if you didn't want that to happen but it did anyway just because you thought it? Do you see how distressing that could be? We would have to have supreme control of our thoughts and impulses.

Maybe this is why it's so hard to use psychokinesis. Perhaps this is why it's necessary to build extreme intent to perform PK. If just thinking something caused it to happen we would all be in a lot of trouble. Consensual reality could be helping keep us all safe in this way by building and enforcing the rule that things just don't happen because you think them. This is a good thing.

It seems the key to psychokinetic ability is riding that line between personal intent and consensual safeguard. We can only push on that barrier for so long until it seems to push back. Maybe this is how uncontrolled psychokinetic activity happens, things that are often blamed on poltergeists? It's just a thought. All of this is just conjecture. I've been thinking on it deeply enough lately that I thought I would share it. Hopefully I've been clear enough that this makes some amount of sense.