Friday, April 22, 2011

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a hero.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and a well-known figure in the field of parapsychology, recently did an interview at  The interview at first deals with the controversy surrounding Richard Wiseman's latest book and his attempts to misinform the public.  However, the truly interesting stuff is in the discussion that stems from talking about the controversy in which Dr. Sheldrake goes on to give a beautiful and poignant observation of a huge problem in modern science.  What is that problem?  Dogmatic materialism and how it has stifled progress.  Dr. Sheldrake says it so much better than I ever could so I'll just link you to the interview.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake on the Persistence of Richard Wiseman’s Deception

You can read the transcript, you can listen to the interview, or you can even download the interview to listen to later.  Whichever way appeals to you, I highly recommend that you take a look at this if you love science as well as the paranormal.  It's like Dr. Sheldrake took everything I've had floating around in my head on the subject and laid it down neatly and plainly for all to see.  He is a hero for saying what few seem to be willing to say and he has my respect for that.  I only hope that by writing about this interview here that his views and work get the attention they deserve and we can all move on to finding real answers and truly exploring reality without the limits of a particular philosophical stance smothering us.

I think it's suiting that this will be my one hundredth blog post.  It's the fact that people from all over the world are reading what I write that has kept me going with this experiment for so long.  It's my love for all of the subject matter that I cover that inspired me to start this blog in the first place and I'm very happy that I've kept writing about it.  This blog is for everyone that wonders about the strange things out there and those that want to find answers for themselves instead of just buying a ready-made explanation.  Thanks to all of you that keep coming back to read my thoughts and opinions.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What an apocalypse survival bunker looks like.

When the Aliens Touch Down, Make for This Missile Base

I think that aliens are one of the more unlikely things to cause an apocalypse but this makes me wonder:  If civilians are working on projects like this then what might the government have already?  Continuity of government is something that we know the government takes very seriously and they already have facilities suited to this purpose.

Do these types of facilities tie into the mysteries surrounding Denver International Airport?  I think that they might.  There have been rumors for a while that the elites and governments of the world know something that the general public doesn't know about a future cataclysm and that they are preparing for it.  Are facilities like the one in the above article just the tip of the iceberg?  Are there far more extravagant facilities built by the rich and powerful that will allow them to survive impending disaster?  I think that it is a very real possibility.

The 2012 hype has people buying into projects like the one above; I don't see why the elite of society wouldn't be doing the same, especially if they know something we don't.  Thinking about it, a global catastrophe may not be the biggest of their worries.  Civil unrest has been on the rise around the world and the faltering economies in many countries have a lot of people on edge.  What would happen to the haves if the have-nots began to turn against them?  Maybe that's the scariest possibility that they can imagine.  Regardless, survival bunkers like this seem to be up to the task of protecting people from just about anything.  Let's hope that no one ever has to use them.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worms Falling from the Sky

It's raining worms: Schoolchildren's lesson interrupted by creepy crawlies falling from sky

It's not quite a rain of frogs or fishes but I have a feeling that Charles Fort would have found this fascinating.

Are mind control devices being tested on TV hosts?

Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

The ability to use microwaves to cause human beings to hear things inside their heads was established as a real phenomenon in the 1970s.  Has that technology progressed over the last few decades to allow for remote mind control?  I did find a somewhat disturbing patent while doing a little research:  Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves.

I can't say if devices similar to that are being used to mess with TV presenters but it seems that the concept is not that fantastical.  Conspiracy theorists and people that claim to be survivors of mind control have been saying that the government has mind control capabilities for years.  MKULTRA is perhaps the best known program set up to explore the possibility of mind control.  Project Monarch is alleged to be a program within MKULTRA.

I think that the possibility of mind control has to be considered, but more interesting to me is why this technology would be focused on TV personalities.  Perhaps it's being tested for field operation on live television?  What purpose could the government have for such a capability?  I think it would be useful for a government to have absolute control over TV hosts and newscasters or, barring that, have the ability to cut their reports or presentations short.  This would be censorship and control on a level that has never been seen before.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Internet is apparently contributing to the demand for exorcism.

Surge in Satanism sparks rise in demand for exorcists, says Catholic Church

It bothers me whenever occultism is lumped in with Satanism and devil-worship because it demonstrates that the author does not have much understanding of the scope of occultism.  There are many spiritual things out there beyond the purview of Christian doctrine and many of them fall under the heading of "occult."  I realize that this is the knee-jerk characterization when coming from the Christian perspective though.

I think that it's a good thing that the Internet has allowed virtually everyone easy access to occult resources that were once kept secret or were difficult to obtain.  This is not because I'm a follower of Satan and wish for everyone to corrupt their eternal soul but because I think knowledge is power.  The proliferation of information educates people about what occultism actually is and why it is studied and practiced.  It also gives people alternatives in their spiritual development that they might not otherwise know existed.

Occult study comes with risks, but increased access to information cannot be blamed for those that get into trouble.  The Internet can teach one how to do a lot of very dangerous things; things that are much more dangerous than occult practice.  It is my opinion that people should be allowed to freely study their interests and that the individual is responsible for what they do with the information they gather.

In the spirit of sharing information, those of you that are interested in the occult may wish to check out for most of your occult book needs.