Monday, March 28, 2011

Lights Over Colorado and Radioactive Rain in Massachusetts

Triangular formations of light are really nothing new in the world of UFOs.  There's a recent case that seems to fit this pattern very well.

UFO Sighting North of Denver, Resident Films Mysterious Red Lights

My first impression is that this is another one of those videos that shows some strange lights against a black background and doesn't give a lot of points of reference.  Is it the real deal?  Maybe.  If it is then I think it fits more with the descriptions of the alleged TR-3B experimental craft.  I think that this will likely go down as yet another case that never has a satisfactory explanation.

In other news:  Radioactive rain in Massachusetts.  This isn't exactly paranormal, but I'm beginning to wonder if we're being told everything about the dangers of the nuclear disaster taking place in Japan.  The initial scare made potassium iodide a rare and valuable commodity and we were being told everything was fine.  I can't imagine what would happen if the authorities were to come out and say that things weren't okay.  As always, I'm an advocate for being prepared for any disaster whether it's natural or man-made. - A website all about getting ready for disasters.
Are You Ready? - FEMA's in-depth guide to citizen preparedness.

Friday, March 25, 2011

How to make a scrying mirror for less than five dollars.

I remember reading about this somewhere before but I only recently just tried it myself.  I've had just as much success with it as I have with scrying the surface of a cup of water (if not more) so I think it's worth mentioning to those that are getting into scrying or are looking for a less expensive alternative to a crystal ball.

The first step is to get a cheap picture frame.  I don't think the shape or size are very important as long as they are comfortable for you.  I've found that a larger field for gazing works better for me.  The frame that I made my mirror out of is an 8"x10" black rectangular frame.  The cardboard backing of my frame is black on one side as well.  The frame cost two dollars plus tax.  To turn it into a scrying mirror all I had to do was turn the cardboard backing so that the black side was facing out through the glass.  I ended up with a solid black surface.

At this point you would be ready to scry but it is recommended that the mirror be cleansed (some recommend consecrating it as well) before use.  To cleanse the mirror you just need to pass the glass under running water while imagining all impurities being washed away.  Dry the glass and then put it back in the frame.  Be mindful that the glass is as clean as possible so that there are no smudges to distract you while gazing at it.  It saves time if you cleanse the glass before actually constructing the mirror.  I did this after construction because I was curious if I would even be able to construct a workable mirror so I didn't want to jump the gun.  It wasn't a big deal considering my picture frame loads from the front and the glass pops out easily.

If the frame you choose does not have a black backing you can use a piece of black construction paper.  If you really want to go all out then you can actually paint one side of the glass flat black but this might drive your cost beyond five dollars.  Regardless of how you do it, the idea is to create the effect of looking through the glass at blackness.  To use your new scrying mirror you need to set it up so that when you place a candle or lamp behind you there is a slight glow on the surface of the glass.  You do not want any reflections of yourself or your surroundings though.  You may need to play around with the setup to get the effect just right.  Remember to take advantage of the built-in stand that most picture frames have.  Once you have the effect right just comfortably gaze at the black surface.

For more information and instruction please see my previous post about scrying.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vampire Watchers and the Kemetic Order of Aset Ka

Recently I was turned on to the idea of researching "vampire watchers."  This is allegedly a group of people that watch the modern vampire community much as Watchers watch the immortals in the Highlander franchise.  I had heard of the idea in the vampire community a few times before but had never paid much attention to it.  Through a bit of basic web searching I found that whenever there was mention of the "Vampire Watchers Group" there was almost always mention of the Aset Ka as well.

The Kemetic Order of Aset Ka is a spiritual order that claims lineage from ancient Egypt and vampirism plays a part in in their teachings and beliefs.  I won't go into too much detail about the specific beliefs of the Aset Ka, but my perception is that it's a bit of a mixed bag of Kemetic beliefs, vampiric beliefs, and some New Age beliefs all thrown into a blender.  It's interesting that even though they claim ancient lineage, no one seems to be able to produce anything concerning them before 2006 or so.  By doing a simple WHOIS search on their domain name one can see that it was created in 2006.

My personal opinion is that the Aset Ka (and probably the Vampire Watchers Group as well) were created to get publicity for the Asetian Bible by Luis Marques (published in 2007).  No one seems to know anything about them aside from very general information that has been rehashed over and over again and most people claiming any association with them always refer to the book.  This book seems to be the only evidence of their structure, beliefs, practices, or very existence and is marketed as the authoritative source on the Aset Ka.  One should also keep in mind that since the release of Asetian Bible the Aset Ka have not been very active except to promote and refer people back to that work.

Maybe the Aset Ka are more than a publicity machine to sell books.  If that's the case, I think claiming to be older than humanity is still a stretch.  Claiming ancients roots to gain some sort of validity is nothing new in the occult world but eventually the truth always comes out.  There's nothing wrong with starting a new organization and picking up ancient ideas but claiming direct lineage is dishonest.  Doing it just to sell books is even more dishonest.

Taking all of this into consideration, I have to say that all of the mystique surrounding the Aset Ka, and the Vampire Watchers for that matter, is all pomp and posturing.  They are trying to start an "ancient" tradition (which has too many similarities to other traditions and practices in the vampire community and the new age community to even count), apparently in hopes of getting rich off of it.  I can certainly see why someone would attempt this as vampires have been very popular for the past few years and "ancient" or "secret" knowledge is always desirable no matter the time period.

So to anyone that may be fearful of the Aset Ka or the Vampire Watchers, all I can say is take a deeper look and read between the lines.  The only thing they are really dangerous to is your wallet.  Their practices and traditions may be just as valid as any other practices or traditions but an ancient occult order the Aset Ka are not.  The Vampire Watchers make convenient bogeymen for the vampire community and this is perhaps why they were created and seem to talk almost exclusively about the Aset Ka.  It's made to get one thinking "Well, if these watchers are watching the Aset Ka then there must be something going on there."  The only thing going on is marketing, I think.

The Kemetic Order of Aset Ka
Asetian Bible at Amazon UK
Compare this entry at with this deleted Wikipedia entry.
Forums for "Vampire Watchers Group"
See this thread on

Hopefully after going through that information you can see what brought me to my conclusion about the Kemetic Order of Aset Ka and the Vampire Watchers Group.  Maybe this will explain a few things or set some minds at ease.  I certainly feel like I now know a lot more about these elusive Vampire Watchers I've heard about.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Supermoon and Earthquakes

I'm sure that by now you've heard of the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunamis that occurred in Japan.  It just so happened that hours before I learned about the disaster I was reading this article about the "Supermoon" that's coming up on March 19th.  Aside from being a potential incidence of synchronicity, the disaster in Japan did make me wonder if there might not be something to the moon setting off natural disasters.

The link above mentions the slight increase in earthquake and volcano activity during certain moon phases.  These are just tidal forces at work.  However, there is potentially more going on here than just the moon as can be seen in this article that describes a March earthquake warning mentioned for the United States.  That article describes other factors at play besides the moon's position.

It might also be worth noting that the magnetic north pole is moving faster now than at any other time in human history.  If this is the precursor to a pole reversal and the disaster theories surrounding the idea of a magnetic pole reversal are correct then this could all mean a very tumultuous time ahead of us from a geological standpoint.

If that's not enough then there's the fact that all of this is being drawn into doomsday theories concerning the year 2011.

Only time will tell about any of this but I'm not really worried about it.  Earthquakes and other natural disasters can happen at any time and all we can do about it is be prepared.  These events are ultimately out of our control and it does us no good to worry about things that we cannot change.  Just in case though, this may be a good time to make sure you have the recommended emergency supplies.  Being prepared can save your life whether it's an earthquake, a tornado, or a fire.  No doomsday scenarios are necessary.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is the Moon inhabited? - Redux

Giant Underground Chamber Discovered On the Moon

I can't help but notice how this could fit in with the Spaceship Moon Theory or with any number of other theories that suggest that the moon may be inhabited.  This could also explain some of the strange attributes of the moon, such as why it "rings," if there are several of these underground chambers.

There's not really much to be said except that now we know for sure there are places where potential moon inhabitants could be hiding.  For more information on the strangeness happening on our moon see my previous post:  Is the Moon inhabited?