Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Agers converge on a French village; hilarity ensues.

French village which will 'survive 2012 Armageddon' plagued by visitors

The kicker is that they are supposed to survive 2012 because there are aliens under the local mountain that will evacuate when things get bad, hopefully taking some of the New Agers with them.  I know that this really isn't that funny for those poor villagers, but my head is filled with images of stereotypical New Age hippies surrounding the place like its some kind of UFO Mecca and I find it hilarious.  Most of this is fueled by the very descriptions in the article.

Naked men performing rituals on the mountainside, apparently within plain view of the mayor.  Hippies lying around, chanting and meditating in the streets.  I imagine a lot of crystals, patchouli, and tie-dye.  Perhaps the worst part is that all of this apocalypse business is based on misinformation about what the Mayans actually said about 2012.  I'm confident that the villagers will find a way to profit from this and allay their frustrations though.

My overall reaction to the absurdity is represented by the article's photo of the mayor on the outskirts of town, in front of the sign.  Notice his expression and gesturing.  I don't need to be French to understand that.  He's saying "WTF?"  I expect more of this kind of thing as December 21, 2012 gets closer.

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